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    Basic Rules

    Gangs are integral parts of Downtown Gangstaz. Experienced Mafia bosses can create their Gang and get their crew ready for Gang wars for high prizes. You must have the Gang HQ to take part in Gang Activities.

    1.Who can join a Gang?

    Any player on "Level 15" or above can join a Gang. He must also be not part of another Gang. The Gang Boss must accept the player's invitation for him to be part of a Gang.

    2. Who can create a Gang?

    Any player on "Level 20" or above can Create a Gang. He must also be not part of another Gang.

    3.How many members can a Gang have?

    The maximum number of members a Gang can have is "10".

    4.What are the different roles in a Gang?

    Every Gang will have a "Boss" and can have one "Underboss", three "Right-Hands" and the rest can be "Gangstaz".

    5. Is Gang Chat private?

    Yes, the Gang chat will be visible only to the members. But the wall comments are open for all.

    6.What is Gang Xp and Gang Level?

    Gang XP can be earned by completing various Gang activities. Accumulation of this Gang XP will increase the Gang Level. Higher levels will bring higher rewards and better competition.

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