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    There are powerful Bosses whom you can permanently hire and they will help you in Both Defence and Attack. Then on defeating the Bosses they will join you in as a Henchman too. They can be managed from the Mansion and can be upgraded from the Boss Workshop.

    The henchmen can be navigated around when attacking.


    Bae maybe shopaholic but she is one gun-crazy chic... rumour has it she even takes that gun to shower!

    Assign Space - 4


    Loyal henchman to the boot. Real muscle on the ground. Enemies are smoke at the tip of his shotgun. Does Splash damage and very effective against the hoodlums.

    Assign Space - 4

    Big Billy

    Billy is the backstabbing boss. But if you relentlessly attack him and take over his hood, he will join you as a Boss. You must defeat him 12 times to make him kneel. He goes to war spitting bullets from his AK-47. A rage machine and very deadly at close range.

    Assign Space - 4

    Downtown Gangstaz