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    Daily Shipments

    Cash can also be earned from Export and Import. The two options available for it are the
    The first via air and then through the sea.

    1. Airdrop


    Every day players can Send and receive surprise gifts from the Mobs. Gifts can be anything from Cash, Product, Stamina or Diamonds.
    Air Drops are available 24 hours after the last drop. The player must build the AirDrop station and assign a Mob to it too, for the entire system to function.

    2. Shipment


    Every day players can Ship their Products and earn Cash in return. The shipment profile will increase as you send them out consistently. This means if you miss out on them they will go down too.
    The player must build the Shipping Station and assign a Mob member for the system to operate.

    Downtown Gangstaz