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    Defence Structures/Mines

    Apart from the Assigned Mobs, there are some defensive structures to guard your Hood. These structures will need there own assigned mobs to work, that too the knuckle guys. There are types of mines too, which will deal with some serious damage to the onrushing attackers.

    Defence Buildings

    • 1.Heavy Gun Post

    Deals heavy dame ti enemy units. May miss targets over long distances. The Heavy Gun post will need a knuckle guy assigned to it to work.

    • 2.Mortar Post

    Drops bombs on enemy units over a long range to deal with mass damage. Mortar has an assign-capacity of 2. The Operator will be a knuckle guy and another mob can guard the close perimeters as the Morar have a minimum attack radius.

    • 3.Missile Launcher

    Coming Soon!!!


    • 1.Blaster

    Place blaster in your city to blow up Mercs who come snooping. They won't even know what hit them!

    • 2.Burner

    Barbeque time! Watch your enemies burn as they try to take down your city.

    • 3.Tesla

    Buzz Kill the enemies. Tesla is 2X extra nice to the metal of Ironclad.

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