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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get my Old account on my New Phone?

    It is easy if your Old account was connected to Facebook or Gmail. Please install Downtown Gangstaz on your new phone and connect to the game with your Facebook or Gmail account. (It is advised that you may go to Settings and add Linked Logins to connect your account to Facebook or Google account).

    Who are Mobs and how to recruit them?

    Mobs are fellow players and they can be recruited using their unique Mob Code. Mob code can be found in Shoutbox as well as various fan pages.

    Why can't I train a recruited Mob?

    There can be multiple reasons for this. To Train a recruited Mob you must have the cash required for the training process. Also, you should have a cash flow higher than the Upkeep value of the Mob to be trained. Then again, you must have enough free Camp and Training Space available to accommodate the new Mob.

    How to change my Avatar?

    Click on your Profile and just under your Avatar you will see an Edit button and the menu opens up will let you change your Avatar, Tagline, and Name.

    Why can't I train more Mercs?

    Mercs also have an Individual Camp space requirement for them. If the Merc Camp is already filled you will not be able to train Mercs.

    How can I control my Mercs/Henchman in an Attack?

    Once deployed on the opponents hood, your Mercs/Henchmen are autonomous and cannot be controlled. Different Mercs will attack according to their capabilities and preferred targets. To optimize your attack strategies learn about how each Merc works on the Pub Training screen. Also, check defensive Mobs/Units info as well to learn which Mercs they target.

    What happened to the Mercs that survived the battles?

    Each merc is hired through the Pub. Once they are deployed they consider it as a Job and they will only work for you for one Job. The survived Mercs will return to their den and will chug on a glass of beer waiting for you to lure them in with the product.

    My game won't load? What should I do?

    Try closing out of the app and rebooting it. If this doesn't work make sure you have the latest version of Android installed on your device! Also, make sure your wifi/hotspot is working correctly. If your game is still crashing or not loading, please contact our support team via the in-game "Email Devs"[Menu->Devs] button or email at

    I have purchased diamonds and haven't received it yet. Why?

    Try restarting the Game and Phone. If the issue still not resolved, contact us at with the purchase receipt and we will sort it out for you.

    What to do when an account is lost?

    Players at all times have their exact account name and Mob code available with them to track and recover their account. Diamond purchase receipts for the account will be the proof of ownership and please make sure you don't share the details with anyone. Always have the account linked to a valid and verified Google Play Games or Facebook login - this will let you access the account on multiple platforms when available and also on a different device.

    If the account is lost, please write to with your exact account name, mob code and Diamond Purchase receipts. We will be doing our best to recover the account.

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