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    Hitlist is an option for the players to take on the bigger players or sometimes the annoying lower level players. If an opponent is too strong and annoying add him to the Hitlist - it will cost you a bounty amount but higher level and stronger players will hunt then down for you. The Hitlist rules and special attack conditions are mentioned here.

    • Listing a Player

    There is a minimum and Maximum bounty you can place on a player. This is determined by the system considering multiple aspects of the player. You will have the Add to Hitlist option on the player's profile and all you need to do is click there and add in the Bounty amount.

    • Limits on Hitlisting
    * The maximum number of hitlist a player can order in a Day - 10
    * The maximum number of hitlist a player can order on the same player a day - 3
    * The maximum number of lists on the same player at a particular time - 3
    * The Maximum bounty amount - 2 X Hourly Income
    * The minimum bounty amount - Hourly income
    * The minimum wait time for a player to be listed again - 1 hour
    * The minimum Level to use hitlist feature - 10
    • Claiming a Bounty

    To claim a Bounty the player must Decimate the listed opponent. Which simply means, destroy the hood 100%. If the player fail to do this, neither the loot nor the bounty is rewarded. If the player successfully decimates the opponent, along with the loot the Bounty amount is also rewarded. If in case, if two or more players start the Bounty attack together, the one who finishes the attack first will get the Bounty, the others will have to return back with the loot.

    • Attack range of Hitlist
    Notoriety: Hitlist comes with notoriety. When a player is hitlisted - his Notoriety increases. Which means his effective level goes up. It enables higher level players to attack him.

    With each hit order, the notoriety increase by 10%. So, if the Maximum 3 Hits are ordered on a player, his Notoriety will be 30% and his Effective level will be 30% higher than his current level.

    For example, if a Level 20 Player is Hitlisted once - his notoriety becomes 10% and his Effective Level becomes - 22. So now, players with an attack range down to 22 can claim his Bounty. If more players list him and as his notoriety reaches 30% - his effective level becomes - 26. Now even higher level players can attack and claim his bounty.

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