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    Missions are also called jobs. There are 3 locations available at the moment. Namely Central Park, Old Harlem, East Bronx. They are tasks players can complete to earn respect and Cash and Skill Points The missions can be accessed from the Jobs button at the left bottom. Visit the respective Location to view the Missions.

    Central Park

      • Snatch a purse
      • Beat the snitch
      • Collect from Food Truck
      • Clash with local thugs
      • Rob the store
      • Hit an ATM
      • Vandalize Rival's Strip Club
      • Raid Billy's Stash

    East Bronx

      • Beat the Rookie
      • Rob the Gas Station
      • Hitch a ride
      • Stop the construction
      • Hit the Gym
      • Take over the street
      • Fix the DA
      • Destroy Criminal Records

    Downtown Gangstaz